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Since 1969, 'Dongsin Tube Glass Ind. Co., Ltd.' has concentrated on the production of pharmaceutical glass containers. Each and every product, ranging from pharmaceutical ampoules and vials to other specially designed glass containers, is made through our vast experience and continuous effort in technological development and quality improvement.

'Dongsin' is leading the market with its superb safety
and high-quality products, which are being exported to various countries including Japan, the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia. We are serious about taking

responsibility for producing important pharmaceutical products essential in protecting the life and health of the people.

The employees of 'Dongsin' are proud to be members of a medical related company, securing the "life and health" of the people. And, in order to realize this emotion, they are all doing their best in their own field, from R&D to warranty service. 'A reliable product quality' is a promise to our customers and consumers